Zuckerberg and United States President

Zuckerberg and United States President

Mark Zuckerberg and United States President

In an interview, face book chief mark Zukerberg said that he has no deal of any type with President Donald Trump on content moderation on social media he also said that Facebook has no arrangements which gives the president free rein on social media. He also added the whole idea of a deal is pretty ridiculous. Zuckerberg further stated, facebooks longstanding policy has been steered to clear of fact. Checking political speech but it did take down an advertisement from the Trump campaign that included a symbol used in Nazi Germany. There are so many people who have said that we are too sympathetic or too close. To the Trump administration. Zuckerberg further added that despite his meetings with trump, Facebook has number of conflicts with the present administration. Facebook chief attended private dinner parties at white house with Donald trump while so many times meetings and dinners were also attended with Barak Obama too at White House.


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