World’s Oldest Artwork in Indonesian Cave

World’s Oldest Artwork in Indonesian Cave

World’s oldest artwork in Indonesian cave

Indonesia is the biggest populated Muslim country located in Far Eastern coast. It is comprising so many islands. Two years ago on the island of Sulawesi, the 4.5 meter wide painting features wild animals chased by human hunters. This was reported in journal, Nature. In future research, Griffith University Australia reported that it is confirmed that lime stone Cave painting dated back at-least 44000 years during the upper Palaeolithic period. The drawing or painting is considered the oldest artwork in the world. Some more pieces have also been discovered from other parts of Indonesia, which are described as older as the above is from Borneo and Sulawesi regions.

Griffith University archeologist Adam Bruma admired and said, I have never seen anything like this before it is thought that cave has emerged from Europe but recent research has challenged this thought. The Sulawesi painting, although in poor condition suggests that a highly advanced artistic culture existed some 44000 years ago punctuated by Folklore, religious myth and spiritual belief.


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