World War II

  World War II


World War II

Before that World War ll, first World War experienced in 1914 that ended in1918 changing the geography and international relations. It is said that the World War 2 was started by Hitler in 1938. Hitler annexed Austria after signing a non aggression pact with Stalin of Soviet Union, Hitler sent troops into Poland in September 1939 . Germany soon conquered Poland within a month in 1940 France was defeated .the war widened in 1941 when Hitler invaded North Africa. Nazi officials went on to impose their final solution by forcing Jews in attacked  camps and killing nearly six million in 1941 Japan attacked the united states at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii and went on to seize the Philippines from the Americans and Burma, Singapore and other colonies from British. In 1943 U.S and British invaded Italy in 1944 allied troops entered Germany from the west while Soviet Union from East. Germany fell on 30 April 1945. Hitler committed suicide.


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