Two shocks for India

Two shocks for India

Two Shocks for India

International relations say that there is no permanent friend or no permanent enemy in world politics. Those countries which were closely related in past are now for a part from each others while countries frequently indulged in wars and attacking even nuclear weapons are now working jointly. Recently the history experienced the prominent changes in the relations of India and Iran. After being dropped from a mega rail project in south eastern Iran close to Afghanistan border the India then India had to face another lose in gas field project, started 10 years ago. The oil field estimated to possess 21.7 trillion cubic feet of Natural gas reservoir was discovered in 2008 by a consortium of three Indian companies after four years heavy working India abruptly stopped work in 2012 when Iran had to face sanctions. In 2015 when sanctions were eased against Iran then India showed its willingness to return to the project. US sanction on Iran in 2018 again made India reluctant to join project. India loss of the project marks a big setback for relation between Tehran and New Delhi. No doubt Chabahar port was also a mega project for the development of economy in Gulf.


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