Shopping Panacea for all Ailments

Shopping Panacea for all Ailments

Shopping Panacea For All Ailments

Hence it is most authentic and respectable one for the people of third world. No matter whether you agree or not but the boss is always right. According to it shopping is the source of entertainment. In our culture unfortunately it is tiring job to visit one shop after another, from one mall to another plaza in search of better and cheap items. Matching shoes, jewelry, duppatta, purse to get all these women are more than happy doing this favorite job round the year, reduction sale and shopping centers full of female crowd are proof of this. After the publication of American report in support of shopping habit our women are justified to go on shopping when they are depressed but their husbands are afraid of their home budget, comparing the shopping expenses to visit a hospital for treatment of their wives suffering depression. Surely the first one will be cheaper for the poor husbands. A lady who belongs to NewYork or new Karachi, Mian Chunno or Manchester, Madrid or Madras (Chennai), shopping is the most favorite hobby for all of them.

A husband working abroad, phoned his wife she demanded one thousand dollar for the diamond set, she had seen at the jewelry shop. “I cannot hear you darling what are you saying” husband said. At the top of her voice wife shouted and asked for thousand dollars. Line man of telephone department as usual also hearing these loving chit-chat. He interrupted said, “Line is clear sir, your wife is asking for money. The husband angrily answered the line man, “I cannot hear the voice of my wife, if you can hear her then why don’t you send her one thousand dollars. Let us consider another side of picture. Those Pakistani ladies, who are now Daddi or Nanni, when go to the market for purchasing clothes, shoes or other relevant items. As per our tradition, shopkeepers loudly but sweetly call, “Come Baji/ComeAppa” please get what you want, “Baby come here for your required item” word “baby is such a sweet honey which appeals to all females of every age group. It is a magic treatment which acts like tonic, multivitamin drips or capsule for the lady buyers. So many of my friends go to markets just to hear the sweet word “Baby”. Ok readers, visit to a mall a day keeps the lady customer away from all anxieties. How amazing it is. Let us try no harm in trying a visit a day also keeps the doctor away.



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