Martin Luther king and nelson Mandela struggled for the rights of Blacks. The recent incident occurred in United States resulting in death toll of Black African American George Floyd by a policeman led to the protest not only in USA but all over the world against racism.

“Being penalized for something that is beyond our control our Black skin is a reality all black people face every day in big and small measures in every country. It is said most of the Blacks in different countries are the descendants of East African who were brought to different states as “SLAVES or SOLDIERS” as they were having strong appearance.

The present wave of racism started last month 20-May-2020. Killing of Black American George Floyd in Minneapolis USA in police custody.

Agitation and protests broke out in different parts of the world against racism, reflecting the reaction and frustration of Black community interesting issue was that white and other communities were fully supporting and showing their anger. One of the complaints from Black community is that they are considered inferior as compared to white, resulting the frustration scenario in getting jobs, promotions and even social discrimination such inequality created the thoughts amongst Blacks as they are ignorant, wild and criminal minded. We are to remove such negative thoughts to vanish the racism and to promote the message of EQUALITY of mankind. Islam is the religion strongly supports the equality of mankind and condemns the discrimination on basis of color, cast and creed. All are same in the eyes of Islam.


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