Qatar Wins Air Blockade Case

Qatar Wins Air Blockade Case

Qatar Wins Air Blockade Case 

The highest court of United Nations international court of justice backed Qatar in a bitter row with four Middle Eastern countries that imposed an air blockade against Doha after accusing it of supporting militants and Iran. These states are Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and UAE. Qatar is pleased on getting Justice international court at the Hague rejects the appeal by the rival states against the decision by the world civil aviation  Authorities in support of Qatar over airspace  Qatar brought this dispute in 2008 regarding the violation from above four states, including the banning of Qatar airways from their airspace and expelling the Qatar citizens.

Qatar Government rejected the claims that it had violated so many accords with neighboring countries in past years. Anyhow the dispute continued for years finally ICJ rejected the request by UAE to take special measures against Qatar. It won the case in 2018 over alleged discrimination against Qatari citizens.



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