Part B Covid-19 and Children in South Asia

Part B Covid-19 and Children in South Asia

Part B Covid-19 and Children in South Asia

South Asia region comprising Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Maldives, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma and Sri Lanka. This region is the nest of big population   including 600 million children. More than 250 million are already living under the curtain of poverty.

UNICEF, South Asia Regional Director Jeans Gough stated in a conference. He said that in-fact covid-19 is not as harmful for youngsters under 19 but it may definitely bring so many horrible side effects. Cases across the densely populated region where the quarter of the world population lives have risen in recent past days. Lifting of lockdown or so called smart lockdown badly shattered the situation. Children are badly affected socially, educationally and even financially. A tsunami of poverty and food insecurity is expected to reach very soon, in near future. Hence, an urgent and quick action are unavoidable before it destroys the hope and future of young generation. Progress in health care such as health care and nutrition are also to be taken. UNICEF report further described that in Bangladesh most of the poor families had cut their food intake. In the rural areas of South Asia, poor children cannot keep up their education without internet access or even electricity. In short Covid-19 has increased the risk of domestic violence, depression and other mental and physical health issues.


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