Part A Covid 19 and Children in South Asia

Part A Covid 19 and Children in South Asia

Covid-19 and Children in South Asia

More than hundred million children in south Asia could fell down into poverty because of present pandemic. United Nations report says its long term impact all over the world particularly in third world countries. Children are being affected by the fall out including social economic health and education consequences.

UNICEF says the children of south Asia are in terrible situation. South Asia region comprising Pakistan, India Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma and Sri Lanka. This region is the nest of 600 million children. In worst situation virus could push 120 million more in poverty and hunger in next six months. Immunization and other health care services are already sub slandered or unavailable. In such countries where three times food is not affordable, how can children get access internet even the electricity is not supplied to most of the areas?


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