Muhammad (pbuh)

Muhammad (pbuh)



We are blessed to have the month Rabi ul Awwal on 12 of this month, the birth of most superior personality of the world took place. He is the one and only who is the most favorite of Allah (SWT). With reference to this great month of Rabi ul Awwal, let us have a look of prophet`s family background briefly. He belonged to a wealthy and honest family Bani Hashim, who was the care taker of pilgrims. After the death of Hashim, the charge of pilgrim`s food and water went to his brother who was also generous and trust worthy. The incident of elephants took place 50-55 days before the birth of Prophet Muhammad. He was born on Rabi ul Awwal 9th 0r 12th as per different scholars. It was 22april 571CE. It was Monday when the mankind got this gift of Allah. His father Hazrat Abdullah soon after married to Hazrat Amna, sent by his father to buy dates to Madinah, on his way back Hazrat Abdullah died in Madinah. After two months of his father`s death the world`s noble person Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) was born. The significant signs accompanied his birth 14 balconies of Kisra`s palace collapsed. Some churches on lake sawa sark down and collapsed narrated by Tabari. Grandfather Hazrat Abdul Muttalib named the baby Muhammad and carried the new born to Kaaba. From then the history experienced him REHMAT ULILL ALAMEEN


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