History of Independence at a Glance

History of Independence at a Glance



History of Independence at a Glance

British domination in India dated to the 1700. When East India Company established forts and trading centers all over India, particularly in the province of Bengal in early 1500 Mughal Empire was founded by Zaheer Uddin Baber. In 1757 Bengal was captured by British In a battle at Plassi in Bengal. British defeated Nawab Sirajud Daula. This was the first victory of England on the land of Indians in 1799. It got the control of another strong state under the command of Tipu Sultan. One after another different provinces/states were annexed and finally on 30 September 1857 whole Indian came under the British control and it was then proudly said, “The sun never sets in British empire”. Next 100 years period was important was launched under a determined leadership. Of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his honest team and finally we got independence by the blessings of almighty Allah on 14th August 1947 that was 27th Ramadhan 1366 H.


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