Hazrat Khadija`s Marriage with Hazrat Muhammad(pbuh)

Hazrat Khadija`s Marriage with Hazrat Muhammad(pbuh)


Hazrat Khadija`s marriage with Hazrat Muhammad(pbuh)

This marriage sets many examples for the misguided society, where in the male dominating society a woman is not supposed to propose a man from her side. Another trend that is quite common the people are age difference conscious. At the time of wedding our Holy prophet (PBUH) was 25 years while Hazrat Khadija was 40 years, a widow and having children from her diseased husband. As the background is concerned actually he was appointed as merchant by hazrat khadija as she was a business woman. During the whole trip Maisarah noticed the honesty, fair dealing and good manners. On return, Maisarah told Hazrat Khadija about it. Finaly Hazrat Khadija sent proposal of marriage through her friend Nafisah, Holy Prophet (PBUH) agreed and subsequently they were married. That was the first marriage of our Holy Prophet. He did not get married to any other until she passed away. Except Hazrat Ibrahim, she bore all of his children, four daughters and two sons.


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  • Fayaz , November 8, 2020 @ 9:53 pm

    Very important Topic

  • Fouzia , November 9, 2020 @ 10:25 pm

    Our Holy Prophet (pbuh) set an example for us to follow him and make him our ideal if we want to achieve something.
    Now a days dowry is a Big problem in our society. And our govt has taken a good action by putting a ban on it
    I hope it will make some difference in our heartless society.

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