10,000 B.C and 3000 B.C was the period when people in Asia, Africa and Europe underwent the great revolution in human culture. They learned to raise sheep and cattle. They started to grow crops like Rice, wheat, oats barley etc. in the early era people began to live in villages, towns and cities gradually. Their diet diversified as per climate. Taste and trends. In the age of exploration when Christopher Columbus ,Vasco De Gama , Capt. Cook, Marco polo etc explored the new lands and colonies the world experienced the great transformation in food between the new and old world  e.g. Pineapple, Peanuts, Potatoes were brought to Asia, Africa, and Europe from America chocolate, coffee and tobacco from America to Europe. Now globalization has made the situation friendly each and every thing, specialty of any country is now available everywhere even if it is Pizza, Roast, Donut, Pasta, Noodles or continental dishes like Biryani, Kabab siri, paya and sheermal etc. It is also a famous saying that “people mostly like their traditional food and traditional music rather to switch over here and there”.

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