Dreams and Destination Realization of Women Uplift

Dreams and Destination Realization of Women Uplift

Dreams and Destination Realization of Woman Uplift

The father of uplifting rights and education of women of the sub continent and then realization of the same through committed conviction, selfless and untiring efforts belong to a disciple of Sir Syed namely Sheikh Abdullah who is lovingly called as Papa Mian by all Alighs. The management, staff and students of Girls college Muslim University Aligarh rightly. Decided to celebrate the centenary celebration of unparallel success and completion of hundred years. Along with all this they also decided to publish a beautiful comprehensive record of Sheikh Abdullah and the starting of Maktab, Madarsa, hostle and then to the present college and affiliated departments and disciplines in short a chronological record. The name of this publication is Dreams and Destinations. In a way it also reflects the selfless services of Mrs Abdullah Waheed Jahan Begum- Aalla Bi.This publication is a proof of hard work and devotion of the editorial team. They have collected rare photographs, historical facts and inspiring stories for all of the Alighs, especially for the new generation. The youth of today must know the selfless efforts put up in the strong opposition of all except a few.

It was the philosophy of Sir Syed that the Muslim women of today to be educated. He said, “For the nobility and sublime culture of a nation, the education of women folk is a basis”. Molana Hali also said nearly the same thing. The voice and anchor of the voiceless is on the shoulders of the women. The present trial of women education is not new. Same problem was faced in olden times but was successful because perseverance, conviction and determination of women. Sheikh Abdullah is a lucky star who envisioned and made it a success and saw the fruit in his lifetime. He established a Madrasa for girls at Aligarh in 1906 which ultimately merged with the Muslim university of Aligrah in his lifetime. His address of 1864 to the student has the gems of wisdom. He said that when he took up the cause of women education all the Muslims as well as the Hindus were against the idea. The success of the mission in the hands of opposition made them realized the worth of girl education and they were happy just like when one sees the electroplating of pots which gives a luster. In the same way the education of women lends luster to the society. This record of mission of sheikh Abdullah- Papa Mian in the present shape of dreams and destinations will be source of joy for the old boys- who are never old but should be called the gold of Aligrah. It will also provide an easy way to know the facts of women education in the sub continent. This publication has the Aligrah Tarana by Majaz, pictures of Katcha Barracks (hostel), Strachey Hall, Victoria gate and much more.

It will not be out of the way to mention my relation with the Muslim University of Aligrah with pride that my grandfather Professor Zia Ahmed was the head of department, of Persian. He was a poet, writer, intellectual of languages well reputed and had many students who shone brightly in the profession and social lives. Since my childhood I used to hear stories about the university from my parents which stirred a burning desire to see the university. By the grace of Allah I had a chance to visit Aligrah  University when my father was posted in Pakistan-Embassy at Dehli in 1985. It was the realization of my childhood dream. I was inhaling the Aligrah spirit there on seeing the mission of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan accomplished. I saw the history of this great institution with my inward eyes. I am proud that I am a part and parcel of this movement. I am a faculty member of Sir Syed University of Engineering and technology, Karachi. Dreams and destinations also provided me a surprise when I came to see a group photo of its faculty members of 1973, my chachi(aunty) Dr Iftikhar Begum Siddiqui w/o Dr. Zaheer siddiqui is amongst them. On another page, I also saw the name of my cousin Nuzhat Qamar(d/o Professor Qamar Farooqi) amongst the student union of 1970s. Hence this magazine provided me a pleasure to meet my near and dear ones. In the end I would like to offer my congratulations to the editor in chief Azra Alvi, associate editor Romana Siddiqui and all the members of editorial board who made it possible to publish this timely required magazine and it a humble submission to acknowledge the mission of Papa Mian.


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