China India Fatal Border Clash

China India Fatal Border Clash

China India Fatal Border Clash

During the clash in the Galwan valley as June 15-2020, soldiers from each side beat each other with rocks and wooden sticks embedded with nails, that are sensitive, high latitude war front. Both the countries China and India are also the second biggest trading partners but present situation has forced them to boycott of goods. In previous round of talk, china has asked India to stop all construction work in what it says is Chinese territory. For its part India has been pushing China to withdraw its troops back to where they were in April.

As we go back in 1962, India was humiliated and lost territory during a war with China, otherwise before that war the relation between two countries were so close and friendly that common slogan was “HINDI CHINI BHAI BHAI”. India did not want confrontation but its experience with China has not been good. Despite seeking to improve ties with China Prime Minister Modi will now have to reassess the relationship. Beijing and New Delhi have made counter claim over whose forces were responsible for sparking the clash.


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